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You may not know us by name, but we will probably seem familiar. Maybe we have driven you home, engaged you in small talk, smiled at you across a crowded room

We are the reassuring voices in your ear (not the ones in your head - they are your own business)

You are already a valued member of the group and we're thinking about you more and more.

Ring is a sound journey in complete darkness and an antidote to choice. 

The audience wear headphones that amplify the intimate details of the room, transporting you to another room that is very similar to the one that you entered.

But in this room you have been recognised.



Simon Kane
Nigel Barrett
Cath Dyson
Louise Ford
Mandy Lawrence
Tom Lyall
Finlay Robertson
Greg Wohead
Guy Dartnell
Fionn Gill
Brian O’Sullivan
Anthony Shuster

Sound by: 
Ben and Max Ringham

Produced by:

Funded by:



'This is experiential theatre in the true sense of the word, and is a powerful and provocative work … Works like these redefine theatre'
Emma Cole, One Stop Arts 5*****

'This piece is disconcerting, unnerving, intense, captivating, extremely clever, intriguing and unique … this is an absolute must “see”'
Rhiannon Lawson, Whatsonstage 5*****

'I was left with a deep sense of unease that followed me from the shadows for the rest of the evening...I haven’t been affected by a show as profoundly in a long time'
Olivia Solon, Wired

'Great theatre might sometimes make you think, but Ring goes one step further ― it manipulates your very ability to do so. The outcome is totally unnerving but completely thrilling… Ring shouldn’t be missed'
 Geri Silver, A Younger Theatre

'...with clever writing, a careful setting, and the use of binaural sound technology creating an engaging and heavily visceral experience for the audience...having scarcely seen a performer, I felt like a star'
Tara Boland, Total Theatre Review


You are invited to a lecture. You know that the subject is probably important and it would be useful to hear what the speaker has to say but you can’t keep your eyes open

You will fall asleep and you will dream

But you won’t be alone in your dream; everyone else will be there with you. And you will have a chaperone who knows the landscape and will attend to you. So nothing can go wrong...

Fiction is the second performance by Glen Neath and David Rosenberg using binaural sound and absolute darkness. It is an anxious journey through the sprawling architecture of our dreams and an exercise in empathy

Or it is an opportunity to get a 60 minute nap

Fiction is not suitable for insomniacs.



Christopher Brett Bailey
Colin Michael Carmichael
Karen Cogan
Cath Dyson
Lloyd Hutchinson
Eugénie Pastor

Sound by:
Ben and Max Ringham

Video by:
Susanne Dietz

Produced by:

Commissioned by:
Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Cambridge Junction and Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.

Funded by :
Arts Council England and a Wellcome Trust Arts Award. Developed through Fuel's Jerwood Residencies at Cove Park which are supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation



'Fiction makes for a unique theatrical encounter about the power of suggestion and the workings of your subconscious'
Matt Trueman, Whatsonstage 4****

'The piece is disorientating and incredibly, intentionally slippery' 
Natasha Tripney, The Stage 4****

'It’s terrifically clever, cunningly manipulative, and fun – provided you’re not scared of the dark'
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

'The production is slick. It’s beyond slick; it’s incredible. At one point we walk into a room and it fucking smells different'
Mary Haltom, Exeunt Magazine

'Fiction is the kind of thing you want at the fringe: a unique and memorable experience; a strange story to tell'
Ralph Jones, The Observer